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With the tensions of the Royal Commission impacting the financial services industry, we were tasked to develop a new whole-of-business idea for the brand, expressed as: Trust is earned.

Under this brand platform, we leveraged Perpetual’s long history of doing what’s right by its customers, partners and within the financial industry. While ‘trust’ is the currency of Perpetual’s business, ‘is earned’ is the manifestation of it, demonstrated with every action.

Brought to life across OOH, targeted digital, print and videos featuring Perpetual CEO Rob Adams, the campaign utilises short, thought-provoking headlines and a new brand colour – a vibrant blue specifically designed to draw attention in the online environment. 

Audiences have reacted positively to the campaign, but just as importantly, Perpetual employees have rallied around “Trust is earned” as their raison d’être.





‘Trust is earned’ is not a slogan, it’s an active platform for the entire business in how it behaves and expresses itself 

– Digby Richards