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Introducing doozy, a low-carb, low-calorie, sugar-free alcoholic beverage company bringing a burst of spirit and personality to shelves, bar fridges and backyard gatherings near you. 

doozy was founded by Richards Rose in partnership with Sydney Swans players Ollie Florent and Will Hayward, along with Hayward’s brother, Harry and Isaac Heeney

Richards Rose in-house creative and strategy has been responsible for conception of doozy, including naming, packaging, and launching the product in market. 

Breaking through a sea of sameness the refreshingly vibrant ‘that’s doozy’ campaign launched the brand across outdoor, transit, street posters and socials. The work heroes a range of three Seltzers (Watermelon, Lime & Mango) and two Vodka RTDs (Wild Raspberry & Twisted Lemon). Doozy is an innovation platform with a variety of new RTDs being worked on for 2024 summer.

that’s doozy’ is an expression that captures the sprightly, fun and energetic nature of the brand. Pairing playful copy with bold and colourful art direction, each flavour is introduced with its own unique personality and flavour traits. 

What’s your flavour? Come along and meet the range…