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Mitsubishi ASX had become Australia’s No.1 selling small SUV. However the latest model was facing much stronger and fresher competition and our challenge was to broaden appeal to an even savvier target market.

While a fifth generation facelift had given the ASX sharper new looks and technology, we chose to focus on something that hadn’t changed: its perfect size. There’s loads of room on the inside, yet its compact design gives you plenty of room to move around busy city streets.

Building on our highly successful Gold Effie-winning brand platform “Built for the time of your life”, we created a unique product positioning to appeal to the target’s active lifestyle…


The new Mitsubishi ASX is “Built to Pack Life In.”


The modular format of the concept allowed us to demonstrate the ASX is a home away from home in so many ways. Tailored executions drove strong emotional brand connections, targeting all kinds of interest categories, and all kinds of people.

From TV, video, digital, website and brochure through to a new content series and ARIA partnership, the campaign took on a life of its own, ensuring Australia’s most enduring and top selling small SUV continues to pack the streets.